Data Management Platform for Small Business

We provide secure data solutions 24/7 to save you money and time. Customized plans managed by our team directly for you.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Dedicated and qualified staff support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • – Incoming and outgoing phone support.
  • – Live chat support with qualified staff.
  • – Email administration.
  • – Helpdesk and support.
  • – Social networks support.


Analytics, Spreadsheets

We perform data analysis to help your business decisions. With this you can generate reports, create projections and organize information quickly and easy.

Compilation of information can derive from different data sources such as; Word, Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets or any other system.


E-commerce and Fulfillment

We provide implementation and management of logistics for your e-commerce business needs, reception process and packaging and shipping of merchandise. With our solution-focused approach, you can dedicate yourself to your business while you leave the rest in our hands.


Data Mining

We are experts in data mining! With our analyses we can discover patterns for large data sets volumes. We aim to structure the information to help you manage it, and assist your decision-making progress for future goal.


Back Office Support

We work on the processes that the user does not visualize are essential for the operation of their business, while reducing their costs, increasing efficiency and providing a competitive advantage to their competition.


Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • – Quickbooks data entry.
  • – Bank reconciliation.
  • – Management of accounts payables and receivables.

Customer Information


We collect and store customer information.This is an essential tool to help you improve, transform and redesign customer service initiatives, in order to grow your business potential.

All handling of your customer information complies with the privacy laws set by your specific area or territory.
Methods to collect information about customers include:

  • – Order forms.
  • – Inquiries.
  • – Complaints.

  • – Warranty cards.
  • – Customer reward programs.
  • – Customer satisfaction surveys.

  • – Comment cards.
  • – Customer contests.
  • – Your website.

Data Management Platform

Shine Cloud Team is a well-known data management platform in the US, through which you can make the presence of your business felt in the market. We provide excellent data management services which can save you time and money.

Through our CRM services, we help you retain your existing customer base and interact with them in an effective manner. We even look after the social media marketing of your services and products so that you can concentrate on other important tasks of the day.

All our services can be customized as per your needs. We will work along your side, keeping into consideration all of your requirements to help you reach the level of your true potential. This way you can gain an advantage over your competitors and your market presence will improve drastically.

CONTACT US to see how our services can help your business’s marketing strategies and improve your profits!.

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